Quick Shifter for 1999 YZF R1?


Quick question…. Can a quick shift be installed on a 1999??

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Answers ( No )

  1. It has to be one that cuts the ignition. Dale walker at holeshot performance or mps both have them

  2. You can get a healtec one. Only heard good things about them

  3. Yes, i sell translogic. One of the best on the market

  4. google "yamaha r1 1999 quickshifter"… many options

  5. google "yamaha r1 1999 quickshifter" – many options

  6. Healtec got one on my 1999 sound bit of kit and easy to fit

  7. HM quickshifter bro! Msg me for one if u want

  8. Yes, translogic or SP quickshift.
    Had a HM. Sold that after about 5 shifts and adjusting settings/orientation

  9. Healtech is less fancy but less.problemtic then HM.
    I own one of each

  10. 1+ on the healtech, had one on my R6, also have one on my R1… Bluetooth connects to your phone to setup and it’s really easy

  11. Healtech on my ’98 great bit of kit and easy to fit and program

  12. I probably wouldn’t, that’s not a good transmission to be quick shifting on given their design flaws

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