Battery or could it be a charging system issue ?


So last week picked up my defender xt cab, put maybe 5 hrs on it… drove it around the farm parked it and when I got back in it wouldn’t start, is it possible I have a bad battery or could it be a charging system issue ? I was able to jump it using a jump box let it run for 30 mins but when attempting to start again it’s deader than a hammer. Anyone ever experience any similar issues? It is

Bone stock no mods that could

Be draining the unit

Battery or could it be a charging system issue ?

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  1. I have read that the stator won’t charge unless motor is turning 3k or greater rpms

  2. The batteries that come on them are junk

  3. Make sure your battery connects are TIGHT!!!!!!

  4. Will double check today thanks

  5. Check the connection on the battery

  6. And on the starter solenoid! Had 1 fail after 3 rides.

  7. I had the SAME PROBLEM.. the bolts on the solenoid don’t have a lock nut or lock washer.

  8. Check battery connections. Let the battery get a good deep charge overnight with a trickle charger.

  9. Stupid question but are you sure it was completely in PARK? I personally haven’t had battery problems with my stock battery

  10. Thanks again everyone for the advice, dealership replaced the battery and the solenoid no issues so far

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