I want to run 6 inch portals


Hey guys I have a Question about portals I want to run 6 inch portals with 45% gear reduction on a 2019 Can-Am XMR Defender

I wondering if the 45% Gear reduction would be too low range

I want to run 6 inch portals

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Answers ( No )

  1. Depends on the size of tires

  2. Nope A buddy of mine has the same set up bike gets around fine

  3. Depends on tire size.

  4. I’m going to run 22 and 37

  5. Yes. That will be real low. Xmr is already geared lower. Then another 45 percent will be too low for 37 in my opinion. Just depends on how you ride. I have a clutch kit and 6′ boxes with 42’s. I never have to put it in low. Even in thick mud

  6. I run 45u0025 with 40s works out perfect

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