Vendor/person to order s3 springs from?


Who is the best Vendor/person to order s3 springs from? Looking for best price vs ordering via full retail online.

2019 xmr defender 2 seater

Vendor/person to order s3 springs from?

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  1. Dustin Henderson will set you up. I think he was doing a discount for members. These springs are definitely stronger than stock!

  2. Check out amazon

  3. Let us (S3 Power Sports) know if we can help.


    Discounts for forum members.

  4. There you go guys. Go direct to the man. I purchased rock sliders and springs direct from Dustin Henderson.

  5. Logan Brezina is my go to man, but Dustin Henderson can help you out too!

  6. Will these fit 18 xmr 2 seat?

  7. Dustin Henderson can I get a price on the springs ? 2020 defender

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