Back to a 55 or get another 60? | YZF R1


So I bought this bike with a 190/60/17 Dunlop Sportmax GP Pro rear tire. I recently got a hole in it from a staple and need to replace. Thinking Q3's. The stock tire size is 190/55/17. Should I go back to a 55 or get another 60? What difference will I notice? And what do you guys think about Q3s?

Back to a 55 or get another 60? | YZF R1

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  1. Highly recomend the RS10 190/55 for my 08, they don’t last overly long but great grip and feedback.

  2. There is a reason there is a stock tire size. Just like a stock height and wheel base. Go stock size. Im not a huge fan of dunlop. Ive had great success with Michelin’s

  3. Q3’s are amazing. Im running 190/55 Q3’s on my 14 r1 and i love the way they hook!

  4. I also love the Q3s about to get another set of them.

  5. I just can’t justify spending an extra 100 or so for the GP Pros. They take a while to warm up and are pretty slick until then. Then again I’m running the hardest compound they offer them in.

  6. The 60s will have a slightly easier faster turn in more contact patch.. I’ve had. 190/65s which are retarded. But unless you’re running track and ate that serious of a rider there’s no point in spending the extra money and be limited to the few that make a 60. You probably won’t notice the difference. I’d go for the 55. Not a fan of dunlop. Bridgestone rs10s pirelli rosso 3 rosso corsa supercorsa. Michelin supersports and supersport evos I’ve found that those michelins do really well in wet weather for a track day tire and grip really well

  7. I had the dunlop gpa2 190/65 great tires horrible for street though

  8. The manufacturer fitted the oem spec’s for a reason.

  9. I hate the q3’s on my Repsol but absolute love my Michelin 2ct’s on my r1. Never new the Dunlop were garbage till I rode on 2ct

  10. Those are the old D211s. Updated GPA-Pro came after, different pattern. These are race tires. DOT legal, but not the same as a regular street tire. Dunlop Q3, the 190/55 will be fine. I’d take the Q3 or Supercorsa over any of the other tires. Grip and stability, hands down better than the Michelins IMO. The Bridgestone RS10 was also a really good tire, but they don’t last long at all. Got about 700 street miles out of the set that came on the my ’15.

    Also, there’s nothing wrong with running a 190/60, 200/55 etc. on the bike. Suspension tweaks should be made to get the most out of it and make sure it behaves correctly, but there’s plenty of us that do it. Same goes for tire pressures, trial and error, find what works best for you and the bike.

  11. I can’t find Q3s in a 190/60. Looks like 190/55 is my only option.

  12. I’m running a set of rs10 at the the min only as I got them cheap off a new race bike and I’m impressed ran them at the nurburgring this year and I was pretty impressed with the grip. the profile is just like dropping the the forks through the trees gives more responsive steering but in the opposite it makes it slightly less stable.

  13. Im running a 200/55 and i love it. Fits perfect and handles great

  14. The new Bridgestone S21 is much better than the Q3. They got more than double the tire life of the Q3 and perform much better. Bike bandit also has a rebate going for them right now. They’re world’s better of a tire than most others you won’t be disappointed

  15. I ride over 20k a year primarily canyons and track and have riden most tires on the market currently. Many people I know have gone to the S21 after I recommended it to them and immediately were more comfortable and faster on their bike than they ever were on Q3.

  16. Also for your question about the aspect ratio for 190/60vs 190/50 most tires will only come in a 190/55 at the steepest. The aspect ratio affects turn in speed and contact patch at lean. Bigger aspect ratio is at steeper tire and will lean over more easily and have better side grip generally

  17. S21 better than the Q3? That’s debatable. Up to personal preference I suppose, I personally wasn’t a fan and neither were the others I know. To each their own, most hyper sport tires are pretty good nowadays anyway.

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