First valve service for YZF R1 2007?


(Newbie question alert)

When should I get my first valve service for my 2007? It's at 23k miles and I'm currently planning on getting it done over December/January. I can't find the 'official' rule for when it needs doing but I know it's got to be very soon. Does anyone know?

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  1. I’d just ring the nearest official Yamaha dealer. Should be able to find out same day. I’m sure it’s around the 28k mile point

  2. 26,000 miles but most don’t even need changing at that mileage.

  3. Is it starting hard ?

  4. My 2005’s manual says every 26.6k miles, but I think I remember the Yamaha mechanic telling me to get the first check at 16k miles.

  5. 27 28 I would of said

  6. Get them done jeeesus. A few 100 quid or a blown motor it aint rocket science.16 of my 20 had closed up beyond tolorance and that was at 25k

  7. So the manual says check them every 26.6k miles. The real question is for the first one. Do the first one at 26k, or do it at 16k?

  8. 26k will be fine

  9. Thanks Phil 😉

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