Did my first oil change on 2008 YZF R1


Just did my first oil change on my new (to me) 08 R1. I know I'm quite overdue… but I changed the oil and filter, and put in 3 qts of 15w-50 Yamalube full synthetic (dealership recommended), however it the glass window seems to indicate I somehow over filled it!?

I'm about to put the lower fairing back on and take her off the stand and go for a quick spin, see if that helps.

Manual says 3.28 quarts, but here's what I'm seeing! What on earth is the problem here?

Did my first oil change on 2008 YZF R1

Did my first oil change on 2008 YZF R1

Did my first oil change on 2008 YZF R1

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  1. Some will pump into the oil filter and it will lower

  2. That’s funny I have the same problem

  3. Oil seems super dirty for being new.

  4. Yea, with the color of that oil, I’m 90u0025 sure you didn’t fully drain it and the overfilled oil is due to the oil that remained in there.

  5. Stand the bike vertically?

  6. That’s not over filled. If it’s over the top line when the bike is standing straight up it’s over filled. You can damn near squeeze in 4 quarts

  7. You’re right I didn’t my bad

  8. It’s an easy thing to remedy just undo the drain bolt let a bit out and bolt it back up. Better to take a second to do that than to blow a seal

  9. Are you draining the oil with the bike on rear stands or leaning on its side stand

  10. I guess I’ll ride 3-4 miles and check it again OFF the stands but vertical.

  11. Get a pump from like a lotion bottle etc, clean it, then pump some out while the bike is upright and level, don’t worry about it looking dirty, due to the excess you left in it’s ok, if your worried just change your filter once between changes and maybe change a little earlier, the real thing to remember about the 07/08 DON’T OVER REV THEM!

  12. Or just take the damn bolt out then put it back in. The fuck are you gonna get a pump in there past the clutch Harry Potter

  13. Haha. Yea I’m not sure how you’re thinking you’ll be able to wind a lotion pump allllll the way down to the oil pan Josh. Unless you’re suggesting he tilt the bike on its side, at which point it would be farrrrr easier to just pop to drain bolt off for a second and let a little drain back out like Orion is talking about.

    P.S. – Chris don’t ride it until you get that oil level right. You’re not going to magically bring the oil level down to where it needs to be. You don’t want to risk it.

  14. To be fair he might magically make the level go down when it’s all in the airbox

  15. Okay, so the consensus is "don’t ride".

    If I’m gonna have to unbutton these damn fairings again to drain some out, I’m tempted to let her idle for 15-20 minutes to try and get the fresh new oil to adhere and "wash away" the remnants of the dark sludgy oil.

    As the original post said, I still have a full quart of new oil to use.

  16. I have never in my life seen new oil that is black. Did you drain it when it was cold? You’re supposed to drain it when the oil is still hot. I’m being serious and not trolling. Run the engine for about 15 minutes or so or go out for a quick ride and then drain it.

  17. Fuck it spend another 45$ to re do oil change

  18. 4.15.. but 4qts is enough. The glass will be completely covered it doesn’t mean you over filled it

  19. Well at least you didn’t break that oil plug like I did at my first oil change from
    Overnighting it

  20. The manual says correct even even you can put more after that to go close to the full mark, with the rear stand you can get accurate reading, make sure the ground is flat and the bike stands exact 90 degree. When on the rear stand measure the ground clearance on the rear wheel, say its 1 inch above the ground, then put a same height stuff like wood block below the front wheel and then you will get accurate reading. The both Tyre has to be in same level for the correct result.

  21. I don’t think it’s over filled. The oil takes time to circulate once the bike is moving. Ride it around and recheck it.

  22. If you change the filter, it will be empty until you run the bike a bit and then it will take in some of the oil. I fill to the mark, let sit for a couple minutes (clean up my tools), and then check/add, start and run for a min or so, then check again and adjust, done.

  23. Start it up. If you see smoke coming from your exhaust it’s over filled and shut it down. Because of the color of your oil, I’d measure the amount you drained out of it and see if you got it all out. If not, you can always be safe and just redo it.

  24. Rechange the oil. Run the bike until it is up to temp. Open the drain plug, drain the oil onto a pan on the kick stand. Let it drain for 10-30 minutes and then remove the filter after reinstalling the drain plug , replace filter and put in clean oil.

  25. The oil still looks dirty. It should be amber or clear

  26. If you overservice it’s not a huge deal. I overserviced mine the first time and just slowly pulled the plug to drain what I didn’t need

  27. vuelvelo a cambiar sopla el motor por el orificio del filtro de aceite y llavalo a nivel

  28. Problems:
    1) looks to be too much oil in the block
    2) fresh oil installed still looks midnight black, not gold. Most likely caused by mixing with some excess undrained OLD oil.

    So in terms of next steps, here’s what I’m thinking.

    1) Remove the fairing
    2) pull the drain plug
    3) let it drain for 5 seconds on the side stand
    4) reinstall the plug
    4a) do I need a new crush washer even though I installed a new one yesterday?
    5) start the bike and let it idle for a few minutes.
    6) turn off the bike and let it sit for a few minutes, checking the new resting level of the oil with the bike standing upright (but not on stands?)
    6a) if the level is still high, repeat steps 2-6.
    6b) if the level is now low, slowly add oil from my final remaining fresh quart and measure the new level using steps 5 and 6.

    if the level is perfect / once the level is perfect…

    7) ride around a bit (a week or two), hoping that the fresh new oil will help break down, collect and intermix with the old dirty oil.
    8) Go for a big spirited ride, come back, and do another oil change (probably using Amsoil if I can find it locally).
    8a) Should I go buy ANOTHER filter as the new one I installed yesterday has been primed with a mix of dirty and clean oil?
    8b) same question about the crush washer. Need a new one every time?

    This series of steps makes sense to me, and seems to be the best way to solve both problems above.

    Thanks for your opinions fellas.

  29. Your reading too much into it. There is adequate amount of good oil in there the level is a tad low but just ride it and recheck level on your return simples!

  30. Accidentally commented on a picture and not the album… Copying my comment:


    Pulled the plug one more time to let some more out… Very imprecisely draining for 4-5 gushing seconds of Deepwater Horizon and then slammed that plug right back in.

    Now that I’ve just done that, I’m realizing there’d be no fucking way I could’ve had time to remove the old and install a new washer on there without over draining… Hahaha.

    After starting her up for 5 mins, and then letting her sit for 15 mins, here’s where the level is! How lucky!

    Still darker color than I’d prefer, but now that the risk of over filling is mitigated, I’m gonna ride for a few hundred miles / couple of tanks to intermix the old oil with this new oil, and then do another full oil change with Amsoil.

    Appreciate those who tried to help! Excited to ride tomorrow!

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