Are you guys happy about your drz400sm?


Are you guys happy about your drz400sm? Is there any problems? Like commen problems. Do they last long?


Jeremiah Fliss: They aren’t great at anything, they aren’t the fastest, or the lightest bikes, but out of all the bikes that I’ve ridden they are the most fun. Not a day goes buy that I look at it and regret getting it.

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  1. One of the most reliable bikes I ever had…

  2. The only problem with mine is that I’m not riding it right now.

  3. 3 thumbs up haha amazing bikes

  4. I have had a problem in EVERY aspect of the bike in less than 3 years. Got no idea why people recommend this bike as reliable 🙁

  5. Yo realmente tuve un problema pero fue causa de error propio. De ahí en más una exelente moto drz400e.

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