XC-F 450 ignition/stator cover


Any recommendations on a new one that is “bullet proof”?

EDIT: Better question. Anyone know where I can find ANY ignition/stator cover for a 2014 XC-F 450.
Apparently not nearly as readily available as clutch covers. I’ve checked all my normal online sites. Gonna try my local dealer tomorrow.
Supposed to be leaving this Friday for a big weekend?

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Answers ( 12 )

  1. Pour some ROTELLA in the hole.

  2. Its ruined you should just give it away\n\nTo me

  3. I think the boysen covers are thicker.

  4. Nihilo concepts

  5. Why would you shoot it???

  6. This guy is looking for a stator cover not a clutch cover

  7. Guards in the future

  8. Is that a china shifter? What brand?

  9. Polisport makes both a clutch and ignition cover guard for this protection

  10. What bike model and what year is it?

  11. Nihilo does billet ones

  12. File the shift lever down smooth. If you have a hole you can fix it with JB Weld.

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