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Anybody have any experience with the Garmin Zumo 345LM WE? It’s online for £260, cheap enough to tempt me away from Google maps on my phone. Looks like a good piece of kit for the money but I’d be interested to see what people think of it? Thanks ?

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  1. yes I have it in a touratec mount , no problems at all ;-]

  2. I was after selling mine for £300 So as it happens I do

  3. That’s brilliant, thanks a million do you know the name of the mount? Looks very good

  4. The mount is great you can lock it in and leave it for short periods and it will be there when you get back , they sell the mounts at nippy normans

  5. Legend 👍 Thanks for all the info

  6. Best to have a play with one first, some folks don’t get on well with the Garmin layout, likewise with TomTom. Also check out how old that model is, Garmin don’t tend to releasee new models often and it might be quite dated.

  7. I think it is the earlier version of my 395LM. I’ve had mine for a couple of years now, great bit of kit.

  8. I have the 345lm. I wired it into the aux connectors behind the screen. Love it. With Bluetooth earplugs you can listen to the device. Ideal for speed cameras etc

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