Why do YOU ride with wrap around handguards?


Why do YOU ride with wrap around handguards?

-Style points to look more “enduro”

-Lever protection?

-Hand protection?

Pic for fun.

Why do YOU ride with wrap around handguards?

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  1. Finger protection. Bought a set right after this.

  2. Because everyone on FB is doing it, but most think it’s cool to brag about crashing too!? WTF

  3. Proteu00e7u00e3o de alavancas!!! Su00f3.ud83dude2c

  4. I have them to protect my hands and levers. I don’t care much about ‘style’ it just has to work.

  5. I broke a hand on a tree once that guards would’ve saved me from. Even with guards I get torn gloves and a nagging thorn in my finger often.

  6. I don’t like walking back to the truck after breaking levers.

  7. Its call knucle buster for a reason Save your hands and your levers alot !

  8. Handlebar protection

  9. Hand and equipment protection, levers, master cylinders, etc. useful for getting through tight trees in a race

  10. Saves the levers and hands big time, if you ever rode in the bush you’d know

  11. To be honest, because I crash a lot

  12. Riding tight trails, canyons. Very rocky. So to protect hands from branches and rocks. And to protect levers and not get me stranded. My bike gets beaten a lot.
    On the other hand, your wrist/hand can get stuck in them and break your arm.
    But that happens a lot less, then other scenarios without them.

  13. Fasst flex bars and cycra guards take a good cartwheel and ain’t bent yet

  14. Lever protection and keeping knuckle from getting whacked by bushes.

  15. All facts stated above because it is basically a NECESSITY to anyone who does enduro. Also I’m pretty sure it make the bar stronger and less likely to bend with the added steel

  16. My question is why would you NOT ride with sturdy hand guards?

  17. I ride tight woods and like my pinky fingers. Also, my kids have a habit of sending the ever-loving shit out of their bikes and levers and grips get expensive.

  18. Where I live, most people don’t use wraparounds because they are wrist killers. And we have plenty of rocks and trees

  19. Definitely not style, as they’re ugly af. But it only took one broken lever way out in the desert to convince me of their necessity. The hand protection is a benefit, too

  20. I prefer the look and feel of the factory open end ones, nice and light with no restrictions. But after sinking my grips in the mud and wrecking the ends on trees and rocks on a ride, I’ve decided my nice new bike and hands are worth protecting

  21. Simple… I crash a lot

  22. Because they save your levers and hands in the bush.

  23. Open OEM one does not protect your fingers from beeing smash beetween your lever and handlebar. I never understood why world’s pros ride OEM ones??
    Can’t get it and never managed to have a good answer to this!

  24. When a branch or sapling hits your hand…. you wish there were there…. I traded 175.00 to save my hand JUST ONE TIME… :-))))

  25. Hand protection. I won’t even ride a bike that don’t have em

  26. Don’t ride with them

  27. I ride them becuase I broke my mom wrap ktm ones

  28. All about saving the levers so the whole ride is good…No brainer…

  29. Rode with them on bikes that came with them, went without them on the bikes that didn’t have them. No real preference to me.

  30. that’s like when do you buy Radiator guards

  31. Hand and lever saver. After I got my pinky stuck between a tree and the end of the handle bar trying to squeeze through a tight section in what we used to call "Chumuckla" or St. Regis property, I made a set back in 1982. Starting buying real ones after that. Current faves are Maier XC Pro. Lightweight and protect pretty well from all but a major impact.

  32. Levers are cheaper than wrists.

  33. Why wouldn’t you?

  34. Trees to fingers and rocks to levers never good.

  35. I like to bounce the bar off of trees

  36. Lever and knuckle protection. Style point? …You’ve got to be kidding me

  37. Lever protection mainly (bought too many in the past). Love the hand protection, been known to hit trees and embankments with my bars as well

  38. Smashing trees and branches, saves levers, makes the bars stronger in a crash, safe spot for my turn signals

  39. When you pinch your little finger between the bars and a tree you’ll know why.
    I’ve been unlucky enough to clip a tree on the right side, bounce off and then clip the left side. isn’t fun!

  40. u hit a tree with your handle bar u want be asking that question!!!! lol

  41. To look more enduro ride a 2 stroke

  42. Because sometimes the trees are the same width as the bars and with them I can force it through. I’d have broken fingers if it wasn’t for them. I put them on everything I own including my 3 wheelers

  43. For bashing saplings.

  44. Prefer the handguards not wraps

  45. Look cool. Plus I used to work for the parent company of Cycra before they were purchased by Acerbis…so I still like to represent. Getting to meet Franco Acerbis was also very cool. Not too many of the dirt biking God Fathers left!

  46. Wanna look more enduro? Start off with getting and enduro bike, not MX. 😉
    Jokes aside, Wrap around handguards in alu CAN be deformed and jam your hands if hit by a tree or similar, so think once more if you really should get it.

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