Anyone else unimpressed with the Pirelli MT21?


Anyone else unimpressed with the mt21? Sub 2000k, average on all surfaces. Rounded out at started threatening to tear knobs off after 40k of twisties. Mostly ran around 25psi. And as low as 12 in snotty stuff. Any higher and it wouldn’t hook up at all. Too low maybe?

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  1. In its defence it is great on road.

  2. Good tire off and on the road, not bad off road, great on road. Wet gravel roads there fantastic , hook up great.

  3. After my front MT-21 was worn about halfway down, I felt like I had ZERO traction in the loose dirt like I was riding on ice, it flat out felt dangerous. Front was constantly washing out without any notice, I’ll never run the tire again. Ever.

  4. I run an off-road only MX52. They die after 700 miles with pavement involved but even worn down they still blow away any new dual-sport tire on the dirt.

  5. I prefer the MT16 front over the MT21 front for the type of riding I do. It does wear a bit faster if you spend a lot of time on pavement. The MT21 rear just wears too fast and it grip seems to fall off quickly when it wears. If I am doing mostly off road I prefer the XCMH on the rear. However, I am going to give the Trackmaster 2 another shot shortly.

  6. They wear quickly no doubt. Traction was fine. I had good luck with IRC Battle Rally tires but they discontinued them I believe.

  7. I love the mt21, I rotate it when it starts to look like yours and it seems to last me a fair while.

  8. i had only one rear tyre, a 3 day weekend trip and it was bald, i will never buy another pirelli every again , laugh at the clowns who recommend it

  9. Mine looks the same but still hooks up well… I have 3000k on mine and I have run it at 15psi mixed riding the whole time. Im not sure what I will run when I junk the mt21

  10. My MT21 front shark finned so badly. It doesn’t like hard braking.

    • Most front knobbies don’t do well with heavy front braking. About the only thing you can do is flip them around when replacing the rear.

    • TKC80s have held up well

    • David Fin – Yeah those are not nearly as dirt orientated as the MT21, MT16, or XCMS fronts.

    • I think in the end it all comes down to the riding you are doing. I have a set of Shinko 705’s that I use to run when my riding consisted mainly of pavement and gravel roads. The worked pretty well but when it came to mud or loose stuff things would get dicey. Same for the Shinko 244’s – pretty decent all around tire but don’t hit any sand with that front tire.

    • I’ve worn out two sets of both the MT21 and the TKC80s and the mt22s are only a little better off-road

  11. Yeah off road (as in single track) I consider the MT21 front tire a marginal performer. Usually I can work with a rear that is squirrelly but I want my front to go where I am pointing it

    I am fortunate that I have two sets of wheels for my WRR. If I am going to be heading out on a lot of trails and minimum pavement the I am usually running a XCMS front with a XCMH rear.

    If I am commuting and doing some FS roads or gravel then I will play around the the tires a bit. Right now I am running a MT43 rear and a MT16 front. I am not a knee dragger on my WRR so I can work with the MT43 on pavement pretty well.

    However, I need to look at replacing the MT16 front soon so I may take my buddies offer for his slightly worn (less than 100 miles) TKC80 front tire that he has on his KTM and give it a shot. He hated that front tire off road and went to something more aggressive – then again his off road was pretty intense so I am thinking it may work well for my ‘street’ wheels.

  12. It’s no mx tire, but it does alright mixing street and dirt. Mine is wearing decently despite the abuse it’s seen, and at least when it was new it chewed through loose rock nicely

  13. Between stoppies and 15psi everywhere I’m not complaining tbh. Around 1500 miles on mine.

  14. My Kendra lasted twice as long as my expensive mt21… I was not impressed at all.

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