Any Thoughts on Honda Rebel Removing Baffles?


Any thoughts on removing baffles? Sounds better? Don’t do it?

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  1. Sounds better, slight more pep and acceleration.

  2. I wonder the same … How do you do it ?

  3. Yeah how would you do that

  4. I would do it for sure, but still trying to figure out how

  5. Drill them out with holesaw..

  6. Don’t you have to jet the motor after removing the baffles?

  7. Do the world a favor and leave them in

  8. The bike makes so little noise, even with the baffles out. I prefer the sound without baffles. Its just a little less ‘angry swarm of bees ‘ sounding. Lol

  9. Don’t do. Learnt thw hard way recently. Sounded shit. Blew up my engine. Lost 10mph. Had to buy a new rebel

  10. Yes. It was only a week ago. Luckily tge bike club members helped me get another bike within 24hoirs.or id have lost my job.


  11. No, buy a slip on. Have tried removing baffles before, slip on sounds better.

  12. Any time you remove exhaust restriction, you must make the fuel richer due to more air. This is usually done by putting bigger jets in the carb, if you don’t, the engine will run lean and burn up.

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