Coleman Hooligan 3 Tent Review


Product review: My friend and I went motorcycle camping and took my new Coleman Hooligan 3 tent, instead of our “old” Hooligan 2 tent. What a mistake. The Hooligan 2 tent, according to the tent’s bag, measures 7×6, the Hooligan 3 tent measures 8×7. The Hooligan 2 fits 2 people, the Hooligan 3 supposedly fits 3. The Hooligan 2 has a vestibule and a zippered entrance that one can bend down, and walk into. The Hooligan 3 has a vestibule which can only be accessed through a small “mouse hole” and it’s this mouse hole that a person has to literally get on their hands and knees, and crawl through, to get into the tent. The H2 can be set up by one person in under 5 mins. The H3 is better set up with two people, in about 10 mins. The H3 is a complete engineering fail. I called the Coleman company today to complain. Many folks in this group are older (like me), and getting on one’s hands and knees, to crawl in and out of a tent, is NOT how one wants to camp! Bottom line, don’t buy the H3, the H2 is the tent to buy.

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  1. Thanks for the review

  2. Good to know. Thanks

  3. Heard Coleman is subcontracting now.

  4. That’s why you set up your tent before you go when you buy a new one

  5. I agree, I bought one set it up in my garage and took it back. Overcomplicated tents,, both of em actually

  6. Good review. This is why I stick with brands like Kelty and Sierra Designs for my gear.

  7. I will set up the tent in the place that is selling it. If they won’t let me I don’t need it.

  8. It was good of you to share this information. No matter how much the manufacturer brags about their tents being waterproof, I always recommend setting up at home to familiarize with the process and use seam sealer. Just sewing the tent together creates holes and if they are not properly sealed they could leak.

  9. Thanks for the review

  10. I really like my ozark trail 2 person backpacking tent,, 50 bucks. And my wal mart backpacking chair 15 bucks

  11. But my hammocks wayyyyy better

  12. I have the H3 and agree. My biggest complaint is getting on hands and knees to get in. The other is the setup time. I’ve done it myself and its a pita to set up.

  13. Go hammock and you won’t have to kneel again. When camping, at least.

  14. Thanks for your insight!

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