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Installed Oxford heated grips today. I should have taken some photos of the installation for this page. One point of note is for a bike with so little storage I was expecting the wiring to be a nightmare but it turned out the Zed (gen 2) has loads of room for the wiring. You’ll buy the grips on eBay much cheaper than a shop, PM me if you need any advice, but it’s a has handy enough job and they’re a God send in winter

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  1. Im after a set of theys pal uno the root the wires did you need to take tank off or can you just do it with side panels off

  2. You have to lift the tank, no need to take it off completely. You’ll have to take off the panels from both sides to allow the tank to lift. Then right the wires from the battery up the right hand side (more space here, esp if you’re working with the bike on the side stand).. The whole job should be finished in about 90 minutes, the only time consuming job is routing the wires from the grips & the controller through the headstock. If you’ve never done it before it might take you a little longer. But if you buy the unit post up and I’ll strip the panels off mine and post up a better explaination.. Its a job worth tackling yourself

  3. Cheers pal i plan on doing it my self thanks

  4. I’ve got them , going to swap out for heated gloves instead , they ok but hands still get cold

  5. I dont realy ride in cold bikes just a summer toy but i suffer from white finger from using air tools in my job soo somtimes if they get cold on the later rides or i get wet it starts off in 2 fingers on clutch side witch is not ideal

  6. Suffer with it myself , used air tools , sanders , cutters etc to make mannequins years ago . Still looking for a solution.

  7. I dont think we’ll ever stop it but i find heated grips just take the edge off for me

  8. Photo of Oxford Heated Grips


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