Any one on here use this on there 2020 cforce 600


Any one on here use this on there 2020 cforce 600 2up are they any good or is there any out there cheaper

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  1. Just installed that exact one. We will see this winter.

  2. Be happy to help out inbox me we have a bunch of brands on sale. KFI and Denali are our biggest sellers

  3. Contact Joe Tinari

  4. KFI #1 in my book

  5. I have a 2019 600, and the KFI plow does a great job!

  6. I need one

  7. Tammy Jean

  8. I have one on my 2020 600 very easy to mount you have to take the plastic under body off the machine and the plow bracket mounts on with 4 u bolts if you have any more questions pm me

  9. This is what i use on my 800cc, about the same price..

  10. I use one on my 16 cforce 800 2up. Works great. No issues

  11. Had One on my 19 600 2 up and loved it. Plan on Ordering one for my 20 800.

  12. Seems like an alright deal I guess

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