28 inch sneakers and Smithfield Powersports 3 inch bracket lift


New 28" sneakers and Smithfield Powersports 3" bracket lift

Takes me from stock clearance of 11.5" to 15.5" 😝

The kit was super easy to install

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  1. Is this the trail ? I know they are currently trying one out on the trail. Hope it works out cause i would like to lift mine up some.

  2. no it the narrow ex….when i called smithfield when this came out i and they said i just needed wheel spacers…so I ordered it……not sure if there’s any issues…i didnt notice anything installing it….haven’t taken her out for a test yet

  3. Maybe Joshua Benner will chime in and comment so I know what to look for!! lol

  4. Sweet. I will have to order for my trail as I’ve been waiting to see one done. No over binding in the axles?

  5. That is awesome sick! I am ordering one. I called and they had none available about two weeks ago!

  6. What part of PA you in?

  7. I’m in Harrisburg

  8. 28" Moto Boss

  9. I ride with the test team at Smithfield power sports the lift with spacers do work alot better as you go up the wheels come in so spacers make it more stable we also own a cf moto.

  10. Have you had the chance to ride it much since the lift?

  11. Joshua Benner

  12. I have an update for the zforce trail lift. We did lift the unit. We used 1.5" spacers on each wheel and this eliminated the tire rub on the shocks. The unit actually stayed the same width. But with the shorter a-arms, the lift was not as much. We ended up just over 2" over stock. We have noticed another issue, the tie rods have a slight bind on them when the suspension is fully expanded. For example if you where to jump, or hop. So for this reason we can not recommend the lift for the narrow or trail. Although we did leave the lift on our narrow. And the narrow is a demo model, time will tell if this is going to cause a problem with the tie rods. But for now, it’s nice to have the extra clearance. Also how interested is everyone in true dual exhaust and 4" extended a-arm kits? We will be making the front a-arms more forward set, so to eliminate the cab rub on the front wheels. Would be like you see on the huge lifts like on rzr’s. We are building a monster for busco beach mud bash, it is the last weekend in April. We will be there with Cfmoto’s demo ride trailer. Can’t promise a 1000 but we are really trying hard to get one out. But there will be at least 5 new cfmotos for free demo rides. It’ll be a good time. Hope to see everyone there.
    Smithfield Powersports

  13. Would be interested in exhaust.

  14. How wide is yours?

  15. We will be at mud bash as well and will have our 500ho with snorkle kit and rad kit installed by josh at Smithfield power sports

  16. Josh does some awesome detailed work

  17. Guy Francis how wide is urs? By the rear shocks it appears to be 53"

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