Where is the best place to go for the lowest out the door price on a new Can-Am?


I am sure this has been asked before. Where is the best place to go for the lowest out the door price on a new Can-Am?

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  1. Adrenaline all the way. Don’t even waste your time with anyone else.

  2. Four seasons motor sports near Payson has the best OTD prices for sure. Lowest tax rate in the state.

  3. Do your due diligence. Send RFP by email and see who bothers to answer. Take everything you see on FB with a grain of salt. Each forum has a different dealer as admin. It just happens the one on this page treat me right and try to accommodate me when I had problems. From service manager to the number’s guy ( Ricky) to their sales they were all genuinely trying to make me happy . Keep in mind this is a seller’s market. Deals are hard to find because there is no inventory.

  4. Nash was decent pricing but they don’t give a damn about after sales support. They completely blew me off on a accessory warranty issue

  5. Nash Powersports Mesa

  6. We have a 2018 that we’re selling

  7. Not sure if they are the lowest OTD price for a Can Am but there service pre and post sale is bar none. My experience when buying my 2020 x3 max rs turbo r was amazing back in December 2019 ( so happy I got it, was able to social distance in style). Next year will be going for upgrade to a rr with Nash Powersports Phoenix.

  8. Just wait till December or January and look around as they try to get rid of last years model you will save thousands

  9. Private party. No tax. No dealer fees. No assembly fees

  10. Kevin Zeidler

  11. From my experience you need to shop around and get quotes from a few places almost every time I’ve gotten a better price from ridenow contrary to what other people say.

  12. Let’s us earn your business at Nash Powersports Phoenix . Ask for Paul

  13. Nash was the best deal when I looked

  14. Just picked up our new 2021 XRS Turbo RR today from Nash for $2K less than Adrenalin with longer warranty and service plan… $2K is $2K

  15. Four Seasons

  16. My driveway if my husband doesn’t curtain the buying for this thing

  17. Try this, it worked for me…
    Send an email to every dealer in the state.
    Detail the exact vehicle you want to buy.
    Ask them to provide you a best price out the door quote, how much of a check you need to write when you come to pick it up.
    I received several replies. Joey at Adrenaline’s response came back almost immediately… his out the door price was well lower than anyone else. I called him up and accepted his offer. I live in Show Low which is a bit of a drive. We set a time and date for delivery for noon on a Saturday. We completed the transaction and load the car and were headed home by 12:30.
    Since then I have had several drop everything I need help with parts and they have come through with next day delivery on Part’s which I could not find else where. Nick is an owner and racer who has customer service in his blood!

    Check them all, get the facts and you will buy from Adrenaline in Casa Grande.

  18. Great experience ud83dudc4d

  19. Nash
    Easiest buying I’ve ever done

  20. Ride now will play nice to get the sale but once something goes wrong, they’ll dry fuck you up the ass with a cactus every time. My dad bought a brand new x3 with dealer mods from there 2 years ago, cash, only to get it home and realize after the first ride around the housing community the battery terminals weren’t connected, the seats weren’t tightened down along with some other safety issues. Called ride now the day after purchase to set up an appointment to get it all fixed only to be told there would be a ‘service’ fee because it had been 24 hours since the sale. Adrenaline in CG is the ONLY way to go

  21. Nash power sports.

  22. Ride now on Ina it Tucson did good for us.. lots of end of year discounts and special financing. Not a huge stock. Think they have a couple of RT left,and several,Rykers

  23. Here’s our CanAm X3 RR from Adrenaline

  24. We went to Ridenow about a year ago. Their advertised price was competitive. We spent a lot of time with the sales guy. We got to the final numbers and their fees were outrageous!! $5000 in fees and costs. Felt bad for the sales guy but we called Adrenalin and bought one over the phone. They delivered it to us in Mesa!

  25. use your phone

  26. Adrenalin or Nash…. Sorry about coment. But F**K RIDENOW!!! I bought my x3 x rs u0040 Adrenalin. #NOBIGDEAL

  27. Adrenaline Motorsports in Casa Grande. Go see Rikki Romero he is awesome.

  28. No such thing as a low price on a Can Am lol

  29. I always get pissed when a Tradesman wont cut his labor rate in half when they work on my house….

  30. Adrenalin Motorsports in CG. Worth the drive I promise

  31. Friends DONT Let Friends do Ridenow…

  32. Was at Adrenaline today, to get a battery & got sand tires, they will break you, but they are very nice about it. It was an expensive $2000 battery, LOL. They have them setting there in the floor all mounted up screaming come over here look at me!! Take me home!

    We always spend to much there, but they have the lowest prices so you have to.

  33. How about Parts and Service in the Phoenix area

  34. Adrenaline definitely!

  35. Don’t buy from ride later buy from either adrenaline or nash

  36. I’m in the market. Can find one local for less then 5-6K otd over msrp. $399 doc fees.
    $1600 delivery fee
    $2000 prep fee.
    Tax. $2300

    Crazy prices right now limited quantity and Polaris has a stop sale on anything turbo.

  37. I’d give Adrenalin in casa grande a call on Monday Nick Bruce

  38. Ask Michael Lanyk from ridenow peoria he will give you good deal

  39. We got a great deal with RideNow in Phoenix. But if you want a killer deal with it already loaded you might want to buy from a private owner.

  40. Not ride now.

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