ABS on the Grom what’s it like?


People, ABS on the grom what’s it like??? Is it intrusive, can you still pull stoppie’s, or can it be removed altogether.

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  1. I’ve got the new sf with abs and i hate the abs, and if you take the fuse for your abs out, your speedo shows zero constantly, i just wanna do a stoppie ???

  2. Pull the main abs fuse out and your speedo still works but abs will be off

  3. Ohh really? Will try it in the morning cheers mate.

  4. No worries.

  5. If you’re riding normally and have to perform an emergency stop it’s defo worth having, it saved my bacon big time when someone pulled out on me, never tried a stoppie but it’s never kicked in except that one time

  6. It’s a bit annoying but great for the roads, it does stop you doing stoppies though but mine turns itsself off when I do a long wheelie so doesnt bother me too much.

  7. I’ve done a few stoppies pull it harder haha

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