Pillion Grab Rail For Z1000


Hi all, bit of advice please, I’m looking at pillion grab rail for z1000 gen 3, do any other models fit so i can widen the search ?

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  1. From what I’m aware, there’s just the horrible looking thing available. I carry a pillion daily. She uses one hand on built in grab spot, and one hand on tank. Can’t tell she’s there.

  2. I used to take her on the back of my Fazer but I’ve given that to her so she can take her test and I don’t need to carry a pillion. But in the mean time her and my son have informed me they don’t like the built in grab spot and want a rail. I’ve looked into a divorce and putting the kid into care but it seems a grab rails my cheapest option ?

  3. Other option is the belt with handles. I use that if my son goes on the back.

  4. Suggested that n nearly lost a testical ?? she’s adamant it’s a grab rail as all my other bikes have had one. Just wondered if it was a specific one for my model or if other zed ones or and sx would fit ?

  5. Think they’re all different mate. Very few options available.

  6. Cheers mate, i think she’s either going on the Fazer or the vespa then ????

  7. Should have signed a prenup ey ? You get measurements, I bet you can get a bad ass one made up for similar money. Pete knows a man n all

  8. He does laser cutting. Not sure that’s what’s needed here.

  9. Meh, laser me a new kettle too yea ?!

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