Texas Mini GP on MSX 125 Grom


Anyone here from Texas have any experience racing the Texas Mini GP on Groms?

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  1. No but would they let fat Grommers on it? LoL

  2. I have raced with tngp for several yrs and also race a grom. What kinda information are u looking for?

  3. How hard is it to get started and the rider school?

  4. Easy Just make sure the axles oil drain bolt and oil filler are safety wired. Better tires than stock, atleast tt93s if not mitas or pmt’s. Depending on ur weight suspension.

  5. And of course u need the proper riding gear. Boots, helmet, leathers, back protecter and gloves.

  6. I’m trying to find info on the riding school. So after you take the rider course, you can enter any race in the series?

  7. You can race sprints same weekend, depending on your skill level if you can participate in the endurance race.

  8. Do they usually have a course the same day of the race?

  9. Yes on Sundays before the sprint races. The schedule in in the link aswell as contact info.

  10. Thanks for the info. Where in Texas are you?

  11. Nice. I’m in Corpus so Katy is probably the track I would go to most.

  12. Note that the Grom is F6 legal assuming it hasn’t been upgraded to over 135cc’s. But for the actual “Grom” class the engine and gearing has to remain stock. Suspension, air intake, exhaust, etc can be changed of course.

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