Will a suspension service remedy this?


Could use some help with a service question. My 2014 500 EXC has seen almost 12,000 miles of hard supermoto duty. My suspension is beginning to feel pretty soft, even on the hardest settings. Will a suspension “service” remedy this? What would that include? And how much can I expect to pay at a dealership?


Will a suspension service remedy this?

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  1. Have you changed the fork oil or done any suspension service on it in all that time?

  2. I’m paying around $700 to have my bike re-sprung to my weight with new oil and seals.
    812 Suspension Design

  3. Reach out to Alex at Konflict Motorsports. He did my suspension on the 690. Great to deal with and great service. https://m.facebook.com/konflictmotorsportsofficial/

  4. Love the number plate lol

  5. Gorace Suspension Travis

  6. YouTube bro…..do it yourself. Just a bunch of nuts bolts washers and goo. And a spring….

  7. Suspensions definitely due. I service my forks and shocks every 100-150 hours

  8. For posterity’s sake, I’ll post this info; my local dealer estimated $250 to $300 for a full rebuild front and rear, depending on if I need bushings.

  9. Send your suspension to Aspen Motoworx…970-544-moto. Alex is the mechanic for the 2018 AMA Supermoto Champion.

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