2020 500 Trail ZForce broke every part of suspension!


May be a long shot to ask but I have a 2020 500 trail ZForce broke every part of suspension on the passenger side anyone know we’re I order the parts to fix it since my dealer don’t know how to get back in contact with me lol

2020 500 Trail ZForce broke every part of suspension!

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  1. Thanks I’ll try them out

  2. What the hell did u do lol

  3. Beat the shit out of it. I wish I had the money to be care free

  4. Weaver repair Geneva Nebraska

  5. Well had a fun night I hit a big ass pothole and broke it all lmao but it was fun while it lasted

  6. Me too Chad Cookson that wasn’t planned dusted out couldn’t see smoked a pot hole can’t do nothing but laugh about it

  7. Use Alphasports.com to find part numbers and pictures and then compare the prices with cfmotousaparts.com and go from there. The part numbers are the same on both sites.

  8. Cfmotousaparts.com is where I buy all my parts from. Good service and quick shipping.

  9. Thanks for the information

  10. I use Alpha to look up the part numbers then Google the part numbers. Some come up cheaper and even on Amazon. What I can’t find I buy from them and pay too much.

  11. Mortch Motor

  12. pretty good have ordered from them

  13. Chris Hecker I’ll check them out thanks

  14. Worthless dealers are what’s dooming this brand… even though I’ve seen more and more on the trails

  15. Jordan Sims wouldn’t say worthless dealers I would say the didn’t get it done in time and then there not open sun and monday

  16. I have 1 good front shock I took off mine if your interested

  17. David Levesque I’ll pm u

  18. Alpha sports limmrick me

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