Update on the 2019 z force 500 trail


Update on the 2019 z force 500 trail. I posted a few months ago that the motor blew up with 20 hours on it due to poor air filter from factory.

Took it to the dealer and cf moto covered a jug, piston and gaskets to repair it. When we got it back I put the uni filter kit in it before riding it.

Rode it several weeks and one morning after riding went to move it and would not start. It again sounded like a sewing machine. Ran a quick compression test and found 18 psi and could hear air pushing out the intake.

Took it back to the dealer and apparently the tensioner was not set and timing slipped. They fired the tech that worked on it the first time.

They supposedly set the timing and tensioner properly. Got it home but it will not run full power now and engine sounds clanky.

I’m at a crossroads as what to do.

Anyone have a pdf manual or have an idea where I can get a Service manual for one of these. I think it’s about time i fix it myself to get it done properly. TIA. Sorry so long of a post

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  1. Did you do a compression check again to see if it Bent a valve they didn’t replace

  2. If the timing jumped you probably have a few bent valves now. They need to do a leak down test on both cylinder.

  3. Get it fixed and trade it off..

  4. I would insist that the dealer own the problems until they are addressed to your satisfaction. If you start making repairs, it opens up the opportunity for them to blame your work. Don’t do it unless you are willing to own all future repairs.

  5. Douglas has good info. Take it back. Good luck! Hope things turn out in your favor.

  6. I would at least let the dealer know you’re having yet another issue. I know I would want to know of a situation like this at my dealership. They can’t improve if they do not know. Ask them to pick the machine up.

  7. You paid good money for the machine. They should have to eat the problems til it’s fixed or give you another machine to replace yours since the technician doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s just to new for these problems to be on you in any way.

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