Cheap Service Near Peoria?


Whats a reasonably cheap but reliable place to have your canam serviced near peoria?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Ridenow Surprise Josh Reynolds

  2. you realy dont want to go anywhere other than certified can am techs, for warranty reasons alone.

  3. I’m new to the Can am but was told by ride now that if you don’t have them service it make sure and document what was done when and sale receipts as well.. I had Josh at UTV Performance do mine. Seams to know what he is doing and charged a lot less less.. hope I was told right…

  4. sounds about right! and yes Josh Rich knows what he’s doing

  5. Thanks guys. Adam id be happy to service your canam. Any question please call me cell 602-625-3706

  6. Thanks everyone! Looks like ill be contacting Josh soon!

  7. Actually need to figure out which josh haha

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