2018 ZForce 1000 Wiring


UPDATE: so I checked all the wiring from the battery relocate and everything checked out fine, no loose wires, no wires rubbing and shorting. I put that strap back on the plastic cover panel and headed to WV for the weekend… ran fine, no blown fuses, no issues. So that strap must be a type of ground and is needed. Doesn't make sense to me but there were no other changes done to the machine. Thanks for everyone's input on this.

Ok CFMoto friends, I need some help. 2018 ZForce 1000. I relocated the battery under the seat and all was good. On the last ride I developed an exhaust leak. While working on that I took the cable/ strap off that holds the plastic panel in the cargo box to get the panel out of the way for better access to the exhaust. I did not put that strap back on, figured I didn't need it. But then my machine started blowing the main 30 amp fuse under the driver seat. Is this cable some kind of ground? I am checking to make sure none of the wires from moving the battery are rubbing and grounding out, but this strap to the panel in the cargo bed is the only thing that changed before there problem started. Thanks for your help!

2018 ZForce 1000 Wiring

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  1. If you removed a ground cable, Put it back. It was there for a reason.

  2. Put the cable back and you’ll probably won’t have an issue

  3. I believe they are for static an to not loose the cover

  4. Check behind the battery for pinched wires

  5. This is not a ground and has nothing to do with your issue

  6. The strap is not your issue. I agree with Thomas Parker. Sounds like a pinched wire my friend. I would start with any wire that you moved or manipulated. Probably a 12v feed shorted to ground.

  7. That cable is not a ground. I removed the cables from both my Zforce machines. Check your wiring from the battery.

  8. That cable I think is there to tag the cover to the bed for some reason. Strange though because they clip in pretty well and have one bolt battening it down very well. This cable is not present on the 2018,2019 or 2020 ZFORCE 1000’s models in Portugal. Must only be present on the USA model!
    If the fuse was blowing only after you moved the battery to under the seat, then check all cabling is not touching the frame or are tight. Also check as you may have a bad earth or loose one at that. Good luck finding your needle in the hay stack.

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