Having issues breaking axels on the CFORCE 800EX


Anyone else having issues breaking axels like crazy on the cforce 800ex? I have boke 6 now in less than 250miles on the bike.

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  1. Do you have a lift? Are you driving with the diff lock on? That is not normal..

  2. Sounds like possible alignment issues

  3. What does dealer?

  4. What does dealer think?

  5. I’m at 3000 miles on my 800 and still running original axles. All i can think of is , you guys that bust axles must be in the mud a lot and really be ripping on it , are in diff lock much ? I’f your in mud really ripping on it and turning wheels like I see a lot guys do , your just asking to break stuff. I dont beat my machine but I dont baby it either , I use common sense.

  6. Where are they breaking most often? How much preload are you running on the springs? Do you do a lot of donuts? If so, what direction most often?

  7. The rear axle is always locked. Only the front axle has a lock option.

    It’s very odd that the left rear axle keeps breaking. Is it the inside CVJ, the outside CVJ, the steel rod that breaks, or a combination?

  8. What kind of riding u doing

  9. Too much torque and too much traction equals somethings gotta give. Move forward, spin or break an axel. Easy fix is less throttle.

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