2018 maverick x3 leaking oil


Bought a new 2018 maverick x3 and put 100 miles on it and know its in the shop to tear down the motor…. leaking oil. Thought I was upgrading from Polaris. Very disappointed.

So much for the family vacation riding in the X 3.

2018 maverick x3 leaking oil

2018 maverick x3 leaking oil

2018 maverick x3 leaking oil

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  1. I’ve heard of a few with the same problem and I’m hoping I don’t run into the same situation. I’m at 40 miles on mine.

  2. Where did you buy it??

  3. Well it’s still better than burning to death

  4. I’ve had two leaks one from the cooling tube to the turbo and one from the brake cylinder or what ever it’s called underneath the steering wheel.

  5. Hopefully they get it fixed soon for you!

  6. I’ve noticed a rise in issues like this with the X3. Thinking maybe QA has decreased due to the increased popularity of the X3?

  7. Joe, we have seen a few leak they the sump tank. But most of those were late 2017s

  8. R.J. Jeffries knows what it is LOL

  9. I got almost 500 miles on mine and I bought it 1 month ago brand new.

  10. Mine must had been made on a Monday…..

  11. I’m in the same boat

  12. Had same issue and full rebuild, sucks but glad they caught it. I had 3 RZR before, still love my X the most lol

  13. Believe I read some where that the machine that is used to apply the gasket material was a little off and some engines got out before it was caught.

  14. Then it’s covered by warranty

  15. Nothing worse than that. I bought mine two months ago and took the family on its maiden voyage through the neighborhood and my brakes locked up. Took it back the next day and found it had a bad master cylinder. It’s depressing but everything is repairable.

  16. I ride the shit out of mine upgrades like crazy 220 HP and ZERO issues not even a blown belt. Bound to have issues with some don’t be down about it the x3 is great machine I purchased both rzr turbo and x3 same day and my rzr never gets used

  17. i feel ya, mine is in the shop to have the master brake cylinder replaced for a second time.

  18. I just wished this didn’t happen while on a 10 day vacation.

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