2015 F3S stock rear shock


My review on the King shocks: I have a 2015 F3S with a stock rear shock. Before trying the King shocks, I had Fox on the fronts. I typically ride solo, but for the past few weeks I have loaded down the back seat with gear as I have been riding cross-country. With over 5,200 miles on these new shocks, I can tell you I certainly noticed a huge difference. From Missouri potholes, to windy Kentucky roads, to a hot/cold California and all the road construction in Arizona, I might’ve been testing roads you also ride on. You know how school buses ride smoother when you sit up front, but way bouncier if you sit in the back? Shrink up the wheelbase and that’s how my ride is now. I don’t feel much of anything in the handlebars or pegs when going over bumps or holes, but can sure feel it when the rear tire goes over them. The front handles better, feels more solid, I can take curves faster, it almost floats. It doesn’t dive when hard braking, and feels like a machine that can handle more of what I give it. Should I upgrade my rear shock? Certainly so. I just hope King decides to make one for my machine. The upgraded King shocks are well worth it, IMO.

2015 F3S stock rear shock

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  1. I have the same bike and ride with my wife on back and maybe they would be a good upgrade for us as well. Already added the 2 up shock from brp which I think it needs anyway. Did they have to be tuned to the bike?

  2. Elka Stage 2 shocks seems to get lots of positive feedback. I would upgrade to Elka Stage 2 for the rear.

  3. I just did a quick Google search and the prices seem rather crazy.

  4. I have Elkas all the way around….amazing ride!

  5. That stock rear shock sucks. Do the rear, doesn’t have to be a King shock. Elka, or Cogent both are really good rears.

  6. How much where/ are they

  7. What do they cost?

  8. At this point I will wait for king to produce a rear shock honestly I dont trust any other shock. I have had 3 shocks before the king from stock to elka to fox podium 1.5R shocks I liked the fox podium 1.5R better then the elkas but neither compared to the king . For the rear I will be spending my money once it will be a king shock….

  9. I’m sure they’re a good shock.. but they’re TWICE the price of Elka’s… which I’ve used for years with great success…. and I ride hard and fast. You can get a pair of Elka Stage 3 for $750 from Lamonster Garage. I simply can’t believe the King is worth twice that amount.
    Seems Elka ended their relationship with PB.

  10. Agree, I would also be interested in an replacement for the air shock on my F3T

  11. Absolutely, positively upgrade the rear spring.

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