2015 Z800 EX Battery Problem Need Help!


Ok guys, what am I missing?

Having an issue with keeping the battery charged. 2015 Z800 EX

Battery checked at two places (tests good)✅

Battery voltage 12.86V✅

Rectifier all wires test fine✅

Ohms test all three yellow wires .6✅

Diode check forward bias .5v✅

Rev bias OL ✅

Stator AC

@1300RPM 21.6Vac✅

@3000RPM 47.48Vac✅

@5000RPM 76Vac ✅

Fuse under the seat 30A good (still replaced)✅

And can someone tell me what the 40A fuse under the seat is for ?

Btw (I do NOT have power steering )

2015 Z800 EX Battery Problem Need Help!

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  1. You are getting 12.8v while it’s running?

  2. Dcv at battery when running?

  3. Far as I know the winch motor power/common cables are not fused and the controller control uses the fused system…and mine does have PS and its a 30 amp as well as the system main fuse. You may not have PS but for some reason you may have the harness and someone stuck a fuse in it for fun. Pull it and see if everything still works..lol. Your battery should test 12.4-13.2 at rest..ie not running and above 14.2 volts running above 2000 RPM. As much as 14.7. If this is not the case look to either the rectifier/regulator or the stator..or any of it’s connections.

  4. Do a draw test. Not sure what an acceptable draw is on these but most vehicles are .05 amps or less.

  5. Could it be the ignition coil ?

  6. Possibly a bad cell in battery.

  7. Have you tested the volts your getting after you ride and it’s warm and hot? Sometimes when the stator and recetifer are cold they will test good but when they get hot they die down. I’ve had a harley do the same thing.

  8. I have the same problem!! Stator seemed low so dealer advised getting power steering model stator, he didnt notice that the power steer model has different clutch part so it did not fit. After further test stator was fine, next i changed regulator out and im still at 12.8v it just does not put out enough. I dont drive it any more because the low voltage causes idle issues and cant run led bar. New battery 2 times now. Frustrated because the rest of my machine is awesome!!

  9. I have same problem

  10. Not sure this has anything in common. BUT just noticed there is no seat belt warning guy coming up. Seat belt isn’t on right now.

  11. Drove it around for about 1/2 hr NOTHING else running.

  12. System voltage low
    No shit!

  13. Voltage at the battery

  14. 6 tenth of a ohm is actually a little high I do a voltage drop test across that wire, mine was kinda doin the sameish the wire gauge was to small overlayed with 10 gauge replaced fuse with atomotive circuit breaker my fuse kept melting amperage to high for such a small wire

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