Changed coolant today. Use pronto 50/50.


Changed coolant today. Use pronto 50/50. Now it’s getting hot up to 5 bars… any suggestions?

Changed coolant today. Use pronto 50/50.

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  1. Bleed system

  2. Got air in the system. Park it with front end up in air higher that the back. Let it run few mins and then repeat.

  3. Compress/squeeze the hoses…helps purge the air out the system!

  4. That’s not hot but you probably need to bleed it better

  5. Bleeding missed

  6. Go to the engine heads and find the bleeding screws on top of the thermostat outlets

  7. Make sure your new coolant dosen’t have silicates. You will kill the water pump shaft seal

  8. Bleed air. There is a bleed screw on engine where coolant goes into head

  9. Is fan kicking on?

  10. Bleed the air out of it

  11. Raise front up a couple feet open cap a let run to bleed air

  12. If its a pre-2018, then the fan switch…ie thermoswitch is sitting in air. Fill the radiator to the very top hot and cap it.

  13. Drive it, check level and add coolant

  14. didnt bleed it out good enough its air pockets

  15. All good answers here to solve your problem but my question is with the low miles shown why did u replace the coolant? You wouldn’t change your car coolant with less than 400 miles. Not even 4000 miles just asking

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