Can the r1 do 200 mph?


just wondering can the r1 do 200 mph? if so what will it take?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Selling it and buying a s1k or zx14r

  2. turbo or supercharger is your closest bet

  3. 40 shot of nitrous and gearing would get you there

  4. I was just about to post something about this. I have an 02 r1 & was wondering top speed on the 02. The only thing on it is a power commander.

  5. Heard of ppl hitting 200, not sure what mods have been done on them. My R1 has been just short of 180 on the clock just about everything standard.

  6. I have been told that my 02 can top out at 195 with the power commander, and thats with gearing being stock.

  7. I know 07/08 top out at 189

  8. My 02 tops out at up to 293kmh on the dash (183mph) stock Sam Scooter Franklin III

  9. Wow!!!!! Thanks

  10. My 14 R1 tops out at 187 on the dash. Remove the limiter roughly 196 from what I have read. I don’t know. I removed the limiter and change the sprockets out so I couldn’t tell you anymore

  11. Smaller sprocket on the rear n bigger on the front! Good luck! Slower low end tho.

  12. My r1 hits 200 in 8th gear when using aviation fuel. I also had to remove my license plate for weight reduction.

  13. No 14 R1 is going 196 unfortunately. It’s gonna take much more hp than the average bolt ons to achieve that speed. Also, none of your speedos are gonna be accurate. They are reading faster than what you’re really going.

  14. Mine is a 5jj with K&N air filter and Micron titanium slip-on can with high lift pipe & full race baffle. It has shown 187 on the clock. It’s only 5000 miles on clock from brand new so little wear and tear

  15. Already did and it’s still in one piece.

  16. Yes the r1 can do 200mph. The question is how deep are your pockets? Speedos oveready by about 10u0025, GPS on your phone also isn’t great. You need a laser trap really.

  17. Hit 172 on my 5jj and I bottled it after that I wouldn’t try any more git scared lol

  18. Who gives a fuck about top speed. What you want is better acceleration and a shitload of corners.

  19. I have a flash and the speedo still won’t tick past 189 but the rpms slowly kept climbing. Speedos are always off unless it’s gps or radar, especially at higher speeds.

  20. I want to try the 1/2 mile run and hit 200 mph ones

  21. haha… 175 in 5th.. forgot i had a 6th..on a 09stock. then ran outa road… but you want 200mph so do i…. and i not got enuff doe yet….. but im learning from these lot….

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