2006 900 Classic LT Modifications


question for my brothers and sisters:

I've got a 2006 900 Classic LT, all stock

What are some modifications I can make on my bike? I want to change my exhaust, front pulley, and air cleaner. Not sure I want to change my handle bars, or if so to what. Open to suggestions. I don't want super outrageous apes, just raised a bit, maybe.

Let's see those customizations and hear some ideas.


2006 900 Classic LT Modifications

2006 900 Classic LT Modifications

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  1. You may want to start by saying which bike you have: year and model and even provide a pic showing exhausts

  2. I personally like my cobra drag pipes

  3. Looks like a Classic made to look like a LT.
    Start with crash bar ( engine guard), the front spot lights, Kuryakyn ISO grips.

  4. Okay, I see the crash bars. Did notice the bags and windshield weren’t Kawasaki. VN900D is a LT. I have a 2010. Just broke 94,100 plus miles.

  5. 1500 classic, has 2 into 1 v&h pipes.
    Next I want to lower the rear a bit

  6. Good looking scoot. Here’s mine, 2012 VN900C

  7. My 09 Vn 900 classic.

  8. I would change the rear pulley instead of the front as it will give you a better ratio increase and not flex like the extra torque on the front.

  9. 12" apes should make that bike very comfortable, exhaust: V&H, Cobra, Hard Chrome, pick one,,,,passing lamps area must

  10. Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions!

    I’ve got quite a wish list developing!

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