Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 or 2000 Vibration Problem


Hi everyone, based in japan riding a 900 custom. Question for anyone on a 1500 or a 2000: Do they have the same vibration issue at high speeds the 900s have? Looking to upsize and thinking about staying in the Vulcan family if I can.

Any input appreciated!

Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 or 2000 Vibration Problem

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  1. If you’re having vibration you may have either a low tire pressure or may have on balanced tires. I have a 2012 900 Classic and I’ve had it to 115mph no vibation

  2. It may be them solid rims

  3. Try getting the Barons front pulley mod. You won’t notice it much (if at all) in lower gears, but it reduces engine RPMs (and hence, vibration) at highway speeds. It also will reduce (but not eliminate) your search for 6th gear. For that you’ll need to get a 1700cc bike (Vaquero, Voyager, etc.)

  4. I have an 04′ 1500 classic and I am smooth as butter at high speeds. I live in the Southern California area and we ride pretty hard out here and I cannot say I feel any vibration at high speeds.

  5. My 2k has some vibration but not bad, especially at highway speeds.

  6. I’ve ridden 900’s, 1500 Nomad and now a 1600 Nomad. The smaller displacement bikes can’t do what a bigger displacement bike can do at the same comfort level.

  7. It does vibration

  8. I found front wheel wobble is related to perfect tyre balance once had a tyre fitted and wobble gone. Lol not same on all fits

  9. I have a 1500 nomad and no problem with vibration at speed,, have to semi regularly check heat shields and windshield bolts from the vibration at idle

  10. Got a 1600 no vibes got a 900 classic no problems

  11. 1700 nomad smoooth as you can get and so comfortable,

  12. Yes they do

  13. Try riding a Harley. You would soon appreciate how smooth the VN is.

  14. I have 99 vulcan 800a and I don’t have a wobble at high speed

  15. 120 kph no wobble.. inspect your column bearing.. switching your front pulley for a Baron’s will help.. check the balance on your front tire ?

  16. Had a lil vibration at 80-85 up to 95. Front wheel balance fixed it. Now it’s 85 mph everywhere smooth as butter.

  17. I have an 08 1600 and I can cruise at 100mph with no hands on the bars.

  18. I went to a 1600 Nomad from a 900LT and vibration is lower as the engine does not have to turn up as high . Both great bikes,just depends where you are riding and the load. I do really like the increased torque.

  19. My 7th Vulcan is a 900 C. Yes, for about the first 20,000 miles, there was some slight vibration at somewhere around 65 MPH. This went away after that.
    Not pointing fingers at anyone, but a lot of newer riders except the same feel on a bike as in a padded, 4 wheel car. On a bike, grooves in the road, rocks, edges and everything else is felt more due to less mass, less suspension, less noise dampening, etc.
    Check your tires/rims for balance and ride it. Enjoy the actual feel of the road and being alive in the wind.

  20. None on my V2K but you shouldn’t either.

  21. 1700 is another good option. 6 speed, fuel injected, and dang near bullet proof. But, if you want it to run like a 1700 should run, it’ll need some upgrades or a reflash.

  22. I own a 900 classic LT and other than a slight buzz its rock solid at 70mph. Check your tire balances.

  23. 1500 nomad fi smooth as silk mate

  24. My 03 meanstreak is very smooth

  25. My 1500 vulcan classic between 85 and 130 it has like a front end shake/vibration the faster the worse it gets and its got new tire,tube,rim liner everything new and still dose it

  26. 06 1600 nomad, no bad vibes here

  27. My first bike, 01 1500 vulcan classic, vibration is very minimal.

  28. I don’t notice any e excessive vibration on my 900

  29. Cheap quick fix is an overdrive pulley for the 900. Makes 80mph fairly smooth. With a 5 speed gear box and about 45hp, you’re gonna feel it at higher revs…

  30. If your front end shakes it might help to use a fork stabilizer or super brace. Google those and see if that might help. Not too pricey. Id like to get the baron’s on my 900 too.

  31. 2000 is solid as a rock at 120 mph plus. Errr so my friend told me.

  32. Get a 1700 if you can

  33. There are a variety of reasons for vibration. One thing to check is the date code on your tires. If they are older than 4-5 years, they might be the reason. A friend thought he had transmission issues, when really it was old tires.

  34. Have a 2010 900LT. Never have had a vibration issue.

  35. Thanks for all the input folks. I did already put the baron front pulley on, so it’s definitely not that. Will get the tyres / wheels checked. The vibration isn’t anything out of order and I routinely do 120 klicks on the motorway over here. I’m more concerned with the missing 6th gear and consequent high revs on the 900.

    More than anything I’m looking for 6th gear and double front disks on the next bike.

    Always going to keep my 900. Planning to give it to one of my daughters one day!

  36. 70u0025 downhill grade with a 40 knot wind on your tail, right?

  37. Just as a comparison, with my 08 VN900 it was pretty wound up at 80mph even with the overdrive front pulley and with my 09 VN1700 I am just dropping it into 5th at 80 and to 6th once I level off at highway speed.

  38. I got a vn2000. Smooth as glass!!

  39. I have the V2 and no vibs even at 130 mph, but i backed off because i thought my windshield was going to explode. lol

  40. I’ve never had a vibration on my vc1500

  41. I have a 900 its ok below 70 mph,most small engine bikes are like that

  42. Love my 900, but it will never ever be fast enough. We all want the bigger bike performance, but love the 900.

  43. I have a 900 and it does not vibrate on me

  44. Wow I gotta VN2000 n your question just made me realize how much my bike doesn’t vibrate all these yrs never thought about it

  45. A taller front sprocket fixes that right up

  46. 1500 here, a little vibration standing still no vibration when rolling.

  47. 1500 14k mi. Riding. No vibration and air shock seats plus stays up very well balanced.

  48. 2010 Vulcan 2000 Classic LT…"Smooth as glass" is a perfect description. Even at 110 (fastest I’ve been on it)

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