Best oil for 570 MXR


570 mxr …oil…what is everybody using…Thanks in advance

Best oil for 570 MXR

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  1. I have the 2015 500 xt luv it super smooth ride.

  2. Yea the independent suspension makes em nice…the power steering helps too lol

  3. BRP oil from dealership

  4. Brp full synthetic oil change in a box from Amazon, used that for for first oil change. I’ll probably piece it together myself next time it’s marked up a lot for what you get. PITA machine to do it on too lol

  5. Very cute is that mxr 570, a question you put spacers porq looks pretty nice q how much is 2 inches or 1 pulp

  6. I use Rotella T6 diesel oil in my 570

  7. Hello how are they sorry for the inconvenience is that I want to put spacers to the xmr570 that I recommend 2 inches or 1 inch

  8. Amsoil 0w40 formula four stroke but I use mine on sub zero days. Rotella t6 is probably great in warm climates

  9. Shell T6 same shit I use in my f250 lol

  10. how hard was it to install those light and are u able to pm me some pics on how u did it thanks man greatly appreciated. and are they hooked right into the old lights

  11. Running 15w40 in my outlander 400

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