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Do you have a 2000 Honda Shadow Spirit VT1100? If so, how many miles can you ride before you run out of gas from your regular tank? This is the first bike that I have had without a gauge or warning light.

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  1. It has a reserve… when you start sputtering, switch to reserve (around 120 miles) and find a gas station in the next 20 miles.

  2. Like Joshua said. Bulbs and gauges can fail but not a petcock reserve. Just don’t forget to turn it back as soon as you fill up. I am also in the habit of using my trip meter between refueling, so I know when to expect refuelling.

  3. I usually fill up after 100 miles to be safe. I have a 05 spirit.

    • I’m with you. My father had a 1100 VMax and he told me he refueled every 100 miles and never ran out of gas. So I refuel my Spirit ever 100 miles or so and run it on reserve for a few miles to clean the pins and orifus’ so they stay free flowing.

    • Janis Hen, How about how long you have on the reserve tank? I want to run some of the crap out of my reserve, too, but don’t know how long I have!

    • 10 miles or so, the reserve side refills with each tip. I just don’t leave it on for an extended period. I’m 54 and I might forget. ?

    • A fuel additive can help too.

  4. I get 104 mi (quite consistent, actually) on my 1100 ACE before I have to flip over.

    • does the 1100 also have the 3.7 gallon tank? I get 120 even after changing to pipes that were supposed to effect my fuel efficiency. I was happy ?

  5. 2004 1100. I usually fill up at about 100 no more than 110.

  6. I have 04 1100 Spirit. City riding about 120 miles till reserve. Highway miles about 160

  7. 140 miles till reserve…consistent

  8. Bout 120 and she sputters. Then reserve. Yet to push reserve past 20 miles

  9. I have a 98 classic. I havent hit reserve yet and ive gone 154 miles between fueling.

  10. I get 140-150 before reserve.

  11. So many different numbers. I am just going to grab a riding buddy, gas up and ride until I run out. I guess that is the best way to do it. I will take my 1 gallon gas can with me so once I run out of gas and reserve, I can put some gas in it to get to a gas station.

  12. Mine will run with full tank only 121 miles / 1999 Honda shadow spirit 1100cc

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