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Just got a tent. Tell me how you ride with yours. This tent will be repackaged and also be used with my wife and I plus our dogs. I will be camping solo on the bike and my wife and I will go in the car to places.

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  1. That’s huge, I use a 2 person tent, has room for me and my gear. Packs up half the size as that and only about 5 lbs. keep in mind you only sleep in it.

  2. Yea, that tent is huge. How many people are staying in there?

  3. It s gonna poke u in your back ?

  4. I’ve got a 4 man and it’s enough for 2 big adults can stand up in it and room for all our gear. If you said also 2 dogs your going too use it for more than motorcycle camping. Good luck.

  5. Tent and Pads go on my tour pack. Double Sleeping Bag on my Wifes.

  6. For car camping with two adults and two pets, take whatever you need – you’re in a car. For MC camping, pare down. Lots of great options out there. Saw a tent with no poles – 3:inflatable air tubes held the tent upright. Pack small….

  7. I have the same tent, turn it 180 and still have room for gear.

  8. After repacking the same tent we roll it under the luggage rack for transporting…

  9. It’s the 1st thing off!

  10. I don’t know if it’s already been mentioned but try to get your money back for it and get one that doesn’t have all of poles and hardware. I’ve seen quite a few on biker sites.

  11. I lay my sleeping bag out first, then lay my air mat on that then my tent and poles and then roll the whole thing up in one nice package.

  12. Austin, my personal opinion would be to get a 2 person hammock for your motorcycle camping. I carry a single person, as well as 2 person tent. Dogs could just sleep outside. I grew up backpacking and camping, so I’m always trying to find ways to eliminate weight and size. Another thing with those Coleman’s is that they are cheap and won’t last long if you don’t do some preventive care. Go to REI and get some seam sealer and seal those seams. That will help in the longevity of it.

    • Thanks. I told my wife this cheap one was only to get us out there and we can really figure out what we end up taking or carrying and buy another more expensive tent to suit our needs as a couple.

  13. trailer!! we have a trailer behind our goldwing for the tent, cookstove, etc…

  14. Same tent…room on top for small luggage, room behind for larger luggage.

  15. That’s a lot of tent.

  16. Wait…..ur carrying a wife and more than one dog……and ur asking how to carry a tent ? I fold mine flat and put it in my pack strapped to the luggage rack on my trunk. (Road glide)

  17. This is a 40L dry bag purchased from walmart. I had my 2 man Kelty, and a sleeping bag squeezed down with 2 compression straps, inside this bag. Even if I wound up riding in the rain, my hooch was gonna be dry. I also used smaller dry bags inside my pack to keep my clothes dry. My tent is about 24″ long, packed length. I was able to roll the collar down twice with the poles wrapped in the tent. I placed the open side of the rolled collar, down, so that if it rained, the water wouldn’t pool and had no real chance of getting in the bag.

  18. Even though this pic is a test run, you can see the bag better. I wound up using the blue foam mat under the dry bag. It provided the stiffness needed to keep the dry bag from sagging and potentially damaging my tent poles.

    • The other thing was that the bag obscured my license plate and my lights. Putting my blue, closed cell foam, sleeping mat under the dry bag also helped prevent unnecessary traffic stops.

  19. I like a tall backrest. That gives the passenger an extra measure of security and comfort for times when you are not camping. Plus, it offers an extra place for storage when you are. If you are opposed to a backrest, then what you have is fine. Just don’t trust ONE bungee cord, sometimes they snap. I bought a T-bag that fastens to my backrest. It can hold a LOT of stuff. Then with bungees or rope fasten the tent in an upright position to the T-bag. That tent will give you space to stretch out and to store your gear inside. You will appreciate the extra room that tent offers, Smaller tents are only about 1/3 smaller when packed so unless space is critical go with the one you are showing here.

  20. I have two green bags strapped to my bike. One is a camp chair, the other is my tent. My tent i put in a plastic bag before strapping it on because most of my trip was in the rain and I did not want a wet tent to sleep in.I carry my clothing in the dry bag. On long trips I strap it right behind me so I can lean into to it for a back rest. Makes for a comfortable long ride.


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