Kawasaki Vulcan S Extended Reach Seat


FINALLY found an extended reach seat. eBay has a few if anyone’s still looking. Kawasaki is still sold out/ back ordered. I’m going to use my new extended seat on the bike and maybe play around with my regular reach seat and re upholster it/ add some gel or foam too it. Will post pictures.

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  1. You’ll love the extended seat I have it and find it way more comfortable than stock.

    • Thank god. Was a little iffy on spending $155 not knowing if it would make my ass feel better ? figured worse case scenario I can use it in the mean time and customize the regular one and then sell the extended one…

    • Can you show the two side by side? I can’t understand what it does.

    • Maurizio Morri I had the same problem when I got the reduced reach seat. Actually just eyeballing them i couldnt tell much difference, the back just looked a little more padded. But when installed there was quite a big difference in seating position.

    • Morri, Kawasaki makes three different seats for our bikes. Stock. Reduced. And extended.

    • Kaw  . Thailand sys extended seats are made in USA, so that i must import rather than a Japan model set up as i need. Strange?







  2. Yeah I like the extended reach myself. I’m only 5’8″. And I have the extended seat. Extended pegs. And the short handle bars. I like the feel of having my legs stretched out as much as I can.

  3. If you contact ergo fit Kawasaki dealers they should have the seat in stock. That’s what I did and several around me had them in stock.

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