1977 Red Honda CB750K


Hey guys. 1977 CB750K Had the bike for 2 days and love it!! But it has some quirks. Like it will only run and start on full choke. Idles at 3k RPMs. Fuel also leaks out of the #1 carb if i leave the fuel petcock on. Any ideas for fixes? Not too sure how i want to customize it, but there is a lot of potential! I will buff the tank to a mirror finish to make the bike look even better! I need a new exhaust for it as well. Mid pipe back. The current muffler’s are partially clogged up and destroyed. Any reccomendations for a replacement muffler that will hook up to the existing header pipes? Any suggestions for any mods? I do not want to go full cafè racer. But id like a cafe style seat!

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  1. Air filter cartridge is probably clogged, even when they look ok they can be stuffed with microscopic particles, my old CB650PZ wouldn’t pull at all until I put a new air filter into it, have you ever seen a 40 year old Police bike pull wheelstands? my neighbours have lol.

  2. Strip and clean carbs , try boiling o rings if slack , it revitalises them . Check float distances. Clean out tank and fuel tap . Replace air filter. Did this to my cb500four and since runs great just need to balance carbs.

  3. Worth a lot more money if you restore it to original. Unfortunately one person’s idea of ‘the perfect cafe racer’ is often an eyesore to many others.

  4. The only “cafe racer” item i want is a seat.

  5. This is very loose to what i am thinking. Id change a lot about it. I have not found exactly what i want to do yet

  6. But i do want some agressive tires for sure. I want to keep the cargo rack. I have a windsheild for it. Buff that tank till it shines. Detail the frame and engine, etc

  7. clean the carbs

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