1975 Suzuki GT550


I now officially own a 1975 Suzuki gt550…..I had it running, sort of….it’s not getting gas on the far left cylinder, so it carb time, does anyone have any pointers on cleaning and setting them up.

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  1. Because these bikes are often left on their side stand for long periods of time, the right hand crab will be as dry as bone and the left will have been flooded with gas forever so that will be green and black. Time to strip them carbs and give them a decent dose of carb cleaner lol. Oh yeah and I’m so damn jealous that you actually scored a 550 lol.

  2. carb rebuild kits are available

  3. just out of interest how much did you pay for it

  4. If I remember rightly ? Don’t forget there’s a set of points and condenser for each cylinder als the timing needs doing in each set

  5. Buddy of mine bought one of those when it was new fun bike had an sl350 at the time or did we put some miles on

  6. Should after about a minute of running all three headers be about the same temperature…..my far left is cooler than the others

  7. I had the same problem on my 380 just take them off and strip them check your floats aren’t porous

  8. I remember these bikes when they came out new , loved the GT range , beautiful

  9. Good choice. Enjoy riding when fit.

  10. Would using a NGK BR8ES make a difference from the original NGK B8ES…..the bike had br8es in it when I got it

  11. No difference, The “R” stands for resister, to cut static to any car radios nearby.

  12. Complete carb strip and clean. Had same problem with my RD250. Spray carb cleaner into every crevice. If you need to poke use copper wire, soft and won’t damage. Great bike

  13. Well done Tyler nice bike. Get it running and enjoy!

  14. Like Jim said & after all that, you need to carb sycn,espeicially the middle one. It runs the hottest & it being aircooled you have to be dead on the three & that’s why I Love the GT 750s of old school > Water buffulo, their a Beast when you fix them up !

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