Electra Glide Ultra Cam Suggestions


Want new cams. Which ones do you suggest.

I just put in S&S 511 Easy Start Cams & adjustable push rods and loving the torque now. 2011 Ultra Glide 4″ True Dual Rinehart pipes , hi-flow Air Ckeaner Mach II , FP 3 Tuner .. Getting about 100 HP and 110 ft lb torque give or take ??
SE 585 cams SE CNC heads SE 110 bolt on kit SE oil pump SE clutch SE air cleaner VH full exhaust = 104hp 122 torque

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  1. Feuling 574, no head work required and pretty nice ‘kuck in the pants’

  2. Stock 96 / 103 = Andrews 48. I have a set on my bench now scheduled for install this spring.

  3. Following…

  4. Following……. I have an 07 with the 96ci motor want more torque need pipes too want true dual don’t want to pay 900.00 for Vance and Hines pipes

  5. 02 FLHTC. SS 570 EZ start gear drive cams. Dyno 104/102, but it’s got a few other odds and ends as well.

  6. Feuling 540 “Freeway Flyers”. Designed specifically for touring bikes. Love em!

  7. Contact the experts Bob at Fuel Moto

  8. They really know their stuff and as important as the cams, they will tell you the correct cams, lifters etc for the exhaust you are using plus their Power Vision tuner will unlock your bikes engine and provide you with a suprise package of new performance.

  9. And if you want improved performance and going half way, I suggest you change your heads to SECNC Heads with a 58mm Throttle Body, problem is, once you start looking at performance improvements, there is no limit so best you decide why you are changing cams and go from there. In my experience, Cams is only part of the improvement.

  10. SE 585 cams SE CNC heads SE 110 bolt on kit SE oil pump SE clutch SE air cleaner VH full exhaust = 104hp 122 torque

  11. I went with se259e cams , now my bike won’t even idle. Smh \n\nsomeone help me

  12. 551 s&s ..

  13. For knowledge, quality and a good price check out Drago bike works. They guy builds some awesome motors. https://www.facebook.com/dragosbikeworks.dragos/

  14. Thank you all for your suggestions. I now have and idea of what to discuss with my mechanic.

  15. All these folks telling you what they think you ought to do. Here’s a technical read to so you can figure out the right questions to ask. Hope it helps. v-twinforum.com/forums/twin-cam-engine/119775-explaining-how-cams-work-what-numbers-mean.html

  16. I would leave it alone . Once the motor is opened up is when you troubles shall begin. If you have the need for speed , just get yourself a back up crotch rocket .

  17. I have 2011 Cvo with stage 4 – 110 Motor with 259 cams , made 116hp-118tq n have zero issues , ride bike hot,cold, traffic n open roads never had issue

  18. I have also use s&s cam it was a 551 bolt in it was great to no head wrk or nothing gave me about 90hp and 104 torque with a heavy breather and a good tune this was a great bang for the buck and it was better that the SE 255 cam in my opinion hope this helps

  19. What size wheels?

  20. S&s 575 with a grind going in my 07 CVO now. Gonna lovm

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