1984 Honda VT 500 E


1984 Honda VT 500 E – Don’t know if this is regarded vintage, but it’s old anyway. Gonna make it Cafe Racer, called “SteelTwin”! Here’s some before and meanwhile pics. Hope You like it!




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  1. Thats hot man yes definitely a classic

  2. I had one for 4 years ,easy to work on and very reliable.good bikes

  3. this is it.just a work horse.use it for work.

  4. Claudio,Looks great! Turned a boring machine Into a beast!! ( just, lose the comstar wheels, Spoke em ) ; )

  5. Is that the bike where you can’t change the rear spark plug ? 🙁

  6. never had a problem ,just remove the tank. that what I did. plugs never need replacing anyway not in the 4 years I’ve had it and nearly 22000 miles.

  7. just keep a check on the tappets though they tend to open abit but easy to do

  8. Looking good so far. Be sure to show us when you’ve finished it.

  9. That is awesome! I wish they came like that here in the US

  10. think the had 4 plug head fuk knows why rever did

  11. Don’t suppose you have the old side panels I need them for mine lol?

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