Z-Force 800 EX EPS Dash Lights Dimming


Hello guys, I have 2017 ZForce800 ex, Is there a way to dim down the dash lights? Thank you all. Ride safe.

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Answers ( 10 )

  1. The 15 is also tooooooo bright.

  2. A piece of tint for windows might work . Or change out the leds to dim able leds.

  3. I made a cover out of smoked lexan

  4. Yes there is a dimmer option. Can’t remember. Found it on google though.

  5. I’ve used mud,duct tape, beer boxes its terrible you think they would have put a dimmer or something on it.

  6. This is it . The bottom center display. Use the set and adjust buttons..

  7. Which model has that? Not my CDN 2017 800.

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