Why did you choose Ninja636, ZX6R?


Question for us zx6r or 636 owners. Why did you choose the Kawasaki ninja over the other brands?

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  1. For me, it was popularity. The Ninja name just screams power, performance, sportbike, etc. Bought one, and damn glad I did. Everyone has an R6, R1, R-GSX, etc. – But I’m not everyone.

  2. Honestly I wanted an 07, or 08 honda cbr.. I came across my ’13 zx6r by chance and fell in love with the look of it

  3. In fact I own two Ninjas. My ’07 650R and my ’07 ZX6R.

  4. My first bike was a 05 zzr 600 aka 00-02 zx6r ans now i have a 07 zx6r i bought both just because i got a good deal on them both.

  5. I originally wanted an r6 because it looked amazing to me and the blue color scheme stood out. I eventually through my window shopping for about a total of 8 months. Probably 3 months in I was debating on the too and soon after I’m like…. ninja. The sad part was, they don’t let us test ride so I had to go on YouTube reviews. I looked at the pros and cons and r6 was a big con. What attracted me more to the ninja was how modern it was, this was 2014 and not the modern r6 today but still don’t like the new style.

  6. Performance looks years building just a great bike all around.

  7. I love the performance and the high tack rev.

  8. I thought it would make me a real ninja ??… but I still can’t fight???

  9. The Ninja chose me.

  10. Started of wanting a R6 then I looked around and ended up buying a ninja 300. But at that dealership I noticed a ZX6R, 2013 mode(this was back on 2013) and I had fallen in love with it the moment I sat on it. Glad I bought the Ninja 300 first to hone on my love of the sport and hone on my skills. Because once I moved up to a 2007 ZX6R(could never afford the 2013) I was well prepared. And since then I have been getting better and better especially at the track since that’s all I do now! It’s been quite a ride since now I’m on a 2012 ZX6R Trackbike and I’m in love still!

  11. I had a 04 cbr600rr I rode my boys kawi. And fell in love. 2 months later gotb1 and never looked back.

  12. Honda sucks, yamaha is fragile, suzuki is gay, triumph and mv are expensive.

  13. Got my b1h purely on looks, still would choose it.

  14. I seen one for mega cheap. I wasn’t actually in the market for one but the couldn’t turn it down at the price it was at. That was a 1999.. didn’t stick with ninjas though Iv had hondas, Suzuki’s and Husqvanas. The ninja I currently have is the best handling and looking bike Iv owned. Gsxr750 was the fastest though.

  15. I had a 2003 ZX6R and sold it because I wanted a safer bike.. so I bought a 2016 ZX6R with abs and traction control ? the power controller is a bonus..

  16. My first bike was a Ninja 300, then a Yamaha R1 (dumb move) but then I sold it and went looking for a 600. I was looking at an 03-04 cbr600rr and I noticed a ZX6R. Sat on it and I liked it a lot more. That was almost three years ago. Just stuck with it ever since.

  17. Wanted one as a kid. Decided to do somethin for my inner child. It’s why I ride a 90’s model.

  18. It saw a ZX6R about 15 years ago, before I even got my licence, and fell in love. It was enough to make me do my DAS I had a number of bikes on my “shopping list” but I guess it stuck in my mind because, out of a whole row of 600s, I was drawn to one I could hardly see the nose of, which turned out to be an A1P My next bike probably won’t be a Kwak, but I doubt it’ll be my last either.

  19. You don’t choose kawasaki kawasaki chooses you.. lol I’m for real my life as a ninja began many many years ago while cleaning this old old man garage when under a big couch I found my destiny there on the floor under a pile of trash and a old couch was a 1987 kawasaki ninja was in great shape just really dirty so as a reward for helping him clean I was offer the bike and I accepted took home and clean and clean the carbs and it fire right up like a dragon waking up to fight. Lol since then I was not able to enjoy no other bike . I became a true ninja fan boy. Lol but for real I have try other bikes I just can’t seem to like it like I do the ninjas.

  20. Style, performance, loyalty, and that lime green.

  21. I was originally going to buy a GSX-R 750, but after sitting on it at the dealer it just felt so uncomfortable and cramped up. I couldn’t see myself riding that bike for more than five minutes. I also sat on the CBR600RR and I wasn’t feeling that either. Then I ran into the 636. As soon as I sat on it I knew that this was the bike for me!

  22. Because Honda financial is a bunch of scumbags, my wife rides a gsxr, an r6’s are not all that comfortable on the street.

  23. For the longest time I always had issue with the exhaust being on the side and then I found that hondas and kawis have under tails. I like the red wheels on the 07-08’s and someone was selling one pretty cheap near me so I went for it.

  24. Was younger with zero experience and looking for a dirt bike, an 80 was too small & my legs were too short for a 125 but Kawasaki made a kx100. Then when I got my MC license and in the market for a street bike, i already had a thing for green. Found a perfect 06 Ninja 650 for a good deal and loved it, can’t think of a better starter bike. Reading up and working on my 650, I had a growing interest in the zx6r/636 Ninjas. I always see the gsxr especially in a majority of the ads on CL and I wasn’t drawn to the CBR or R6, but just couldn’t afford a Ducati. Eventually came across 07 zx6r for sale nearby, took it for a test ride and then rode it home. I ride my husband’s 05 R1 on occasion and its a beast in comparison but I’ll still take my zx6r over it any day, its just not as comfortable or fun to ride. I’d like to pick up an 06 or 07 zx10 one day soon as well.

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