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Can anyone recommend somewhere to take the Tracer for Service/Warranty recall work in Cheshire/North Wales/Manchester area? I’d like to try somewhere different from the place I bought it. Thanks

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  1. Robinson’s Rochdale.

  2. Millennium st.helens

  3. Wigan yamaha.

  4. Wigan yamaha ask for mike Norbury

  5. Chorley Yamaha

  6. Thanks all, I’ll ring around. Anyone know off the top of their head when the second service is due? I think I’m on about 2,500 miles at the minute

  7. 6000 miles or a year.

  8. I wouldn’t bother much with Wigan, they had my mates MT125 in and out for months with an electrical fault, replaced almost everything… only realised it was something to do with a headlight bulb drawing to much (some twat fitted a 100w bulb) and fucking the battery over when they forgot to reconnect it, and suddenly everything worked fine…

  9. Being honest no matter which you go in nw England it’s all same company it’s just the experience you get from his staff that is different

  10. Probably true, not had great experiences fro the place I bought the Tracer so need to try somewhere else. To be honest Millenium might be the best option for me.

  11. Robinsons Rochdale. Good bunch of blokes

  12. try to see if their a js store near by 120 including parts not bad main dealer

  13. There is a J&S between Northwich and Chester, they do have a service dept as they sell Kwaks/2nd hand bikes. Only used them once, for a valve clearance check on my Fazer, they sent it back saying it didn’t need adjusting. Could have charged me a bundle and I’d have been none the wiser..\n\nOnly used Wigan Yam for bike purchase so far, and first service (which any monkey could do tbh). Seem like OK chaps on the face of it though.

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