Denali soundbomb to the Tracer 900 ?


Has anyone fitted a Denali soundbomb to the tracer 900 ? Looking for best place to mount and if better to keep together or separate it. And pictures of mounting would be great. Thanks.

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Answers ( 4 )

  1. I have the mini under the bottom yoke, basically in the stock position.

  2. Took the original off mounted the denali same place two minute job.

  3. ah, that’s a tricky proposition. you’d do well to move that maybe down to off the side of the engine

  4. Not a tracer, but sport bike all the same. I got split version (you can purchase one specifically designed to split,) or just split a standard one. Here’s my horn. It’s attached to the L bracket for my pack rack. The compressor is mounted under seat. Whereever you mount make sure you consider suspension movement etc.

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