Yamaha FZ-07 Yoshimura Exhaust Question


Question for anyone running yoshi exhaust. Did you also do an ejk? If so was really a big difference? I ordered a yoshi last night so I was curious.

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  1. Does the Yoshi exhaust need to be repacked after so many miles?

  2. Full yoshi and nothing else yet and I noticed a drop in low end grunt, I would recommend getting ejk or a flash from David who does them on the 07/09 facebook page if you want that low end grunt to stay and not slightly gone

  3. I have just the yoshi. Haven’t done any tuning to it at all, I did not notice a loss, but it does backfire after high RPM decel. Technically the yoshi is suppose to be repacked every couple thousand miles. Do I? No. What happens? It gets a bit louder.

  4. Saw a vid with Russian rider running one and loved the sound. Plus yoshi makes great stuff. Just curious what other fz riders have experienced

  5. I ordered the yoshi. Plus trex frame sliders and axel sliders front and rear. Sadly I have a feeling it won’t be the last time with all the roundabouts in Indianapolis

  6. I ran my yoshi a few hundred miles before installing an ejk. Using recommended settings, the ejk seemed to have eased the engine braking a bit. It’s still there, just not as abrupt. Also no more popping on decel and smoother power delivery. To get any advantage out of that pipe other than noise, you’re going to need a controller or a reflash.

  7. So the 250 for an ejk isn’t bs and it really is worth it eh? I don’t mind spending the money. Just making sure those who have it agree it’s a good idea

  8. I have the yoshi with no fuel controller. The exhaust was designed to run with the bikes fuel/air setup out of the box. 12,000 miles runs perfect for me.

  9. I have a Yoshi with no fuel controller as well and it runs awesome for me. Love the sound, the bike just wakes up when you install it. Probably will do a flash when i can but right now she is perfect.

  10. I personally like the pop on decel

  11. I never rode my bike with the stock exhaust. The dealer installed the Yoshi as a sales incentive. I was talking to the sales man when the mechanic brought the bike around. It was mine at that instant…..red (the best color) and sounded fantastic. $7500 and I rode it home. No regrets.

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