How does FZ-07 hold up on the highway at 75mph?


Quick question FZ-07 owners, how does your bike hold up on the highway at 75mph? What gear are you in & at how many RPMs? Also would you happen to know what are some good 60/40 on road / off road knobby tires to take the fz07 a little off road adventuring?


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  1. It has a 689cc engine. You will have no problems on the interstate. Don’t think into it so much, roll the throttle and just cruise.

  2. I’m interested in the knobby question as well. Might as well make use of the soft suspension.

  3. At 75 in 6th gear around 5k rpm. Im interested in offroad/adventure tires also.

  4. What size tires fit on the stock rims?

  5. ^^^ Same. My throttle is buzzy at freeway speeds. But otherwise it’s fine. You get buffeted around a lot when it’s windy but that’s the same on any naked/bike without a windscreen. I used to ride a 250 cc standard thumper 20 miles on the freeway each way every day to work so this is pretty cushy comparatively. The throttle is pretty responsive at that speed if your just opening it up a bit to pass someone, but I do notice there’s a bit of a lag between the initial push and when it really catches if you crank it wide open and keep it there for a few seconds

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