WR250R Nuetech Tubliss System


Hello, does anybody has experience with the Nuetech Tubliss System on the WR250R?

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  1. Yes. 1.5-2 years on the rear. I like it.

  2. Yep – any specific questions about it?

  3. Yup, works good. Just use slime tire sealant and always carry a small bike pump with you

  4. That’s the pump I’d recommend for the high pressure tube. Extremely compact and the built in gauge is nice to have. I was up in the Black Hills riding the DAKAL for a week, and always pumped by high pressure tubes up to 110PSI every morning.

    I’d lose 5-7lbs of air on the high side daily, but only takes a few minutes in your daily pre-ride routine to fill back up. I ran Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T’s at 8-10 rear and 12-14 front – it was rocky and wanted to prevent a dinged rim. My buddies were on 2 KLR’s and 1 DR650 running TCK80’s, and in the mud going up Bear Mountain, I was blowing by them, which even w/o the Tubliss shouldn’t have been a problem.

    I’d also recommend looking into Stan’s sealant as an alternative to Slime. Either is better than nothing, but the Stans is a lot easier to put in (runnier) and clean up during a tire change. I’ve got friends that used some homebrew sealant stuff that guys on ADVrider whipped up and as well as Slime, and each one said they’d switch over to Stans on their next change, FWIW.


  5. I use one of these because I don’t check pressure every time I ride. I go about 1 to 2 months before losing pressure on the high pressure side. It’s not like I’m having problems with it but if you’re running one of these with the bladder low you are playing with fire.

  6. Been running rear tubliss for a year and front for about a month and really like it. It takes a good pump and some practice to get quick at the high pressure bladder check because you can lose multiple pounds of air just checking it or taking the pump on an off. Once you get that down its smooth sailing.

  7. Great question I was wondering are they safe for highway speeds?

    • I ran them at 70 for two hours from hoover to hill city south dakota. The opinion of them not being dot rated is likely cost. Plus, I’ve never seen a tube that’s dot rated! Just up your low pressure side a bit and go, imo.

    • 6hours at 100+ on black stuffs. And several 2hrs plus. No problem.

    • Whose opinion will you take for ‘safe’.. the people who use it or the company who sells them? I’ve talked to them about this and as their website states… for off-road use only. Their sales would be hugely increased if they could sell for street use as well. Give that some thought. There is a reason they aren’t raking in the bucks for street use sales. I’d love to have them however because they specifically say not to use them on the street I choose to stick with tubes instead.

  8. 4 years without a flat front and rear. As long as the bladder isn’t damaged you can ride a D606 with 0 pressure. I put in Ride on just to be “safe”. We only have suffered one catastrophic failure when my riding buddy got a large nail in the center of his rear wheel that destroyed the bladder.

  9. Thanks for the input, I love the tubeless tires on my old BMW R100GS, 50000k around the world with no problem


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