Bagless Indian Chieftain


Would you go bagless on your Indian Chieftain or is that just weird?

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  1. I don’t like the look myself. But that’s just me.

  2. No paid for the bags as wel :0)

  3. If I wanted bagless I wouldn’t have bought a Chieftain.

  4. If you have a chieftain dark horse, I’ll take you bags, spools, and pipes…..

  5. They are removable. Try it. If you like it then go with it. Who cares what others think.

  6. Looks a bit weird because of the bag supports on top of the pipes.

  7. I know this is a legit question, but I got to be honest. It made me laugh the way I first read it…

  8. Why … Do you go bagless on your HD ??? I am seeing more and more SG & RG going bagless.

  9. I went bag less & trunkless on my Roadmaster for a quick bit. But always need a place to put shit

  10. That’s another reason I went with a Vintage. I like to strip it down. It’s like having two bikes.

  11. Get a second bike. A small round town bike.

  12. Go with what you like. As always, our motorcycles reflect our own tastes. After all, you’re the one who pays/paid for it, not any of us! The most important thing, in my opinion? Ride it and enjoy it!

  13. I take mine off from time to time but I don’t have a chieftain, just hard bags. No big fairing. Not sure what I would look like with a fairing an no bags.

  14. I do the same with my Roadmaster. I’ll take the back trunk off it but still keep the hard bags on the side. Eric is right. Go with what you want bro.

  15. Take em off get you some 100 long fishtail slip ons , and have a new bike , doesnt take 10 minutes to do the slip ons , you might have too fasten a safety belt , i run this one 2 wks run by my buds 45mph turn switch off throttle it quick4-5 times turn the switch back on and it goes BOOOM

  16. Yeah it’s a Springfield but you get the idea

  17. Take them off when you if you want. Your bike.

  18. Cracks me up when people are self conscious about what others think or how they might look. It’s about the ride. Leave your ego at home & feel the wind.

  19. Just take one bag off..that way you only have to deal with the disapproval of only half the people.

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